Our business community works hand in hand with Camp Lejeune one of the largest Marine Corps bases.  We are fortunate to have this relationship.  One of the many benefits of having Camp Lejuene as part of our community is the availability of a vast number of employees who have a wide background of employment.  Consistently we gain an excellent employee population from the spouses and families brought to our community. 

Our goal at Pro-Type Services is to utilize the ever-evolving employee population from the base in addition to the many qualified employees found locally in Onslow County. We know every company has its own history, idiosyncracies , policies, and staff. That is why our staffing system has only one objective, to match a client's business needs, office psychology, and goals with the skills and capabilities of Pro-Type candidates.

This type of "customized staffing" provides clients with the opportunity to utilize Pro-Type services in any number of business situations; to support a full-time staff, to provide a staffing bridge before making a decision to hire additional staff members, to aid in business operations during business development and/or recruiting procedures. Upon the request by our clients, Pro-Type will provide various background verifications on a candidate. The background verifications can include local but not limited to, state or national, and all on a fee basis.  In addition, we provide complete employee evaluations through appropriate testing. 

We are pleased to provide Testing which offers 1000's of assessments for all candidates to evaluate the strength of their skills and thus provide the best possible candidate for any opening. 

Pro-Type is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer.  We decree that no applicant will be discriminated against because of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation or physical/mental disability. And the care Pro-Type takes in screening and interviewing applicants is second to none, further helping to ensure client satisfaction - every time.



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